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Difference Between Data Mining And Data Warehousing

Data mining and data warehousing are both file access methods. They are more like a read-write methods. Their difference is stated below:

Data mining refers to the retrieval of information which are hidden within a collection of data by the use well-designed algorithms. In other words, Data mining is a set of practices used in data warehouses (or other data storage unit) to search, recover and break down data. Data mining concentrates mainly on the abstraction of valuable information from great masses of data, which can be utilized for making down to earth interpretations for decision-making in businesses. It is essentially a technical and numerical procedure that involves the utilization of programming and specially designed programs. Data mining is in this manner otherwise called Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD), since it involves searching for verifiable information in expansive databases.


Data Warehousing refers to the method adopted when saving crude data in an informative way. It truly is very beneficial for decision-makers because it assists in making fundamental decisions for the achievement of an organization. It may likewise be regarded as being an enterprise-wide vault or a spot for archiving and stocking information that has not yet been processed.


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