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Difference Between System Privileges And Object Privileges

First of all, let’s explain what the two are.

System privileges

System privileges will be privileges given to users to permit them to perform certain capacities that arrangement with managing the database and the server. A large portion of the diverse sorts of permissions supported by the database manufacturers, fall under the system privilege class. We should experience a few cases of system privileges in Oracle and SQL Server.

Object privileges

Object privileges will be privileges given to users so they can perform certain activities upon certain database objects – where database objects are things like stored procedures, tables, indexes, and so on. A few cases of object privileges incorporate conceding a specific database client the privilege to DELETE and/or SELECT from a specific table. This is done utilizing the GRANT clause.

So what’s the difference?

System privileges permit a client to perform a specific database operation or class of database operations. For instance, to make a table, the client needs the make table privilege.


Objects have privileges connected with them, for example, insert, delete and update a table

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