Difference Between Using The GET Method Versus POST In HTML Forms

In HTML, form data can be submitted either by GET or by POST method. In GET method data hold by the form fields are initially encoded and afterward exchanged to the server through query string. As query string is a piece of URL so data security in this method is extremely poor. Anybody can see your submitted data just via looking history of your browser. So “GET” method of form submit is just utilized when data security is not a major issue. Another impediment of GET method is that you can submit just ASCII data. POST method is a method of submitting form data in the header of a HTTP request.

GET or POST whatever the method utilized browser assumes all liability either to assemble query string (in the event when GET method is used) or manufacture legitimate header request (if there should arise an occurrence of POST method). Developers have nothing to do here. They just specify the method of submission inside of the form tag and at the server end get and handle those data precisely.

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