How To Send An Html Email In Gmail

Creating the content for an HTML email is fundamentally the same to how you would make a basic web page. Simply utilize your typical web page editor, such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver (or even Notepad can be utilized, in conjunction with a browser to view the code), and build a web page in the conventional way, then save the file with .html or .htm format. You may think about creating a single HTML email and save it as a template which you can use as your template anytime you want to send html emails. Once you do it this way, anytime you wish to send html emails, all you need to do is to modify the existing file to suit what you want to use it for and boom! There is an imperative distinction that you have to recall between composing HTML for your website, and composing HTML for email, which is; All the URLs in your code should be outright, instead of relative, for all links and images, eg., as opposed to something like just image.gif. Of course, this additionally means that any image that you use as a part of your HTML email should be saved on a web server, the same as when you make use of images on a website.

Sadly though, it is not possible to directly send HTML email from your Gmail account simply because Gmail (as well as other email service providers) does not give it’s users the authorization to type in direct HTML code within the “Compose mail” body (message) section. But for every problem, there exists a solution. Hence, here’s a step by step way on how to go around it.

  1. Launch notepad++ (which is the suggested text editor to be used for this) in windows. Then open up the file with the name “codexxx.txt” and paste all it’s contents within the notepad++ opened tab, then save the new file as “email.html” on a location of your choice within your computer.
  2. Now head back to the location you saved the file and locate it (in our case, it is “email.html”) and double click it. Doing this should open the file in your default browser (which may be Internet Explorer, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome or any other browser). The appearance will be similar to a normal html web page created for a beginner HTML series.
  3. Open your Gmail email account on another in standard view, not in html view (to be able to handle slow connections too).
  4. Now come back to the tab where you opened the “email.html” file press Ctrl+A to select all (in Windows Operating Systems). This may actually differ on Mac or Linux. Paste the entire content you copied from your clipboard in your “Compose mail” body (message) part.
  5. Next, send the pasted content to any email address you want. It will look exactly like the html file you opened locally on your browser.

So far, this is the simplest technique that you can use for sending an html email using your Gmail email account.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<table style=’width:60%;margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;’>
<td style=’background-color:green;color:#fff;padding-top:50px;padding-bottom:50px;text-align:center;’>
<p style=’font-size:30px;’>This is sample html email</p>
<a href=’’ style=’color:#fff;text-decoration:none;font-size:35px;’>Click here</a>

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