What Is An Apache Module?

The Apache web server is likewise called the Apache HTTP server. It delivers pages of your site to the user’s browser. This server application has been a standout amongst the most prominent applications since 1996. The Apache web server programming serves right around 54.46% of the considerable number of websites starting 2010. This server was the first to cross the 100 million websites point of reference in the year of 2009. The greater part of the web servers that utilization Apache keep running on UNIX or a comparative operating system like Linux. The server programming is kept up by numerous developers all around the globe and is open source programming. This server can take a shot at an assortment of operating systems like UNIX, GNU Linux, Solaris, Novell NetWare, Mac, OS X, and so forth.

An Apache server has numerous features. It supports numerous basic dialect interfaces like Perl, Python, Tcl and PHP. It likewise supports famous authentication modules like mod_access, mod_auth and mod_digest. Some of features of this server incorporate support to SSL and TLS, intermediary module, URL re-essayist, custom log files and filtering support. Likewise, if there is virtual private hosting, one Apache server will have the capacity to host various websites. It likewise permits you to arrange blunder messages, have DBMS based authentication databases and transaction of content. It likewise works with numerous graphical user interfaces.

Uses of an Apache Server

Both dynamic websites and static HMTL websites can utilize Apache server.

Apache server is utilized when you need to serve content to your gathering of people in a protected and dependable way.

It has different web server features like CGI, SSL and supports virtual domains. Module modules are additionally supported by this server. It is free, dependable and simple to arrange.

Advantages of Apache Web Server

Rich in features

Apache has various features that are exceptionally valuable and has the most recent conventions.

Can be customized

The measured architecture of Apache can be useful in building a server that is customized by necessities.

Simple to Administer

The files that are utilized to arrange Apache are in ASCII and are basic. Altering them utilizing a text editor is simple.

Apache is Extensible

Apache is a server that is advancing dependably. It has an open source code and API. Subsequently, you can develop a custom module and offer it to the Apache development group.


The Apache server runs quick and uses next to no resources. It has a C code that is intended to upgrade execution.

Can be utilized crosswise over diverse operating systems

Apache can be utilized on an assortment of operating systems like UNIX, Windows 9x/NT, MacOS and others.

Steady and Reliable

The Apache web server is exceptionally dependable and stable. Individuals can impart and report bugs in the server effortlessly because of its open source code. Thus, any bugs in the server get settled quickly.

Great support team

The Apache bunch involves a decent number of users and developers. Most organizations that offer business variants of this server likewise give support to customers.

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