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What Is Javascript Minification?

‘Minification in Javascript’ basically refers to the process by which all the unnecessary characters are removed from the Javascript source code. That is the reason why it is known as “minification” – since all the data which is unnecessary to the functioning of the Javascript is erased from the source code, and hence the Javascript is “minimized”. The functionality of the Javascript code remains unaltered even after the removal of these characters. So, your Javascript code will function the same way even after the minification process has taken place. The code that has been removed via the minification process is also called the “minified” code.

What Data Is Removed In Javascript Minification?

The data that actually gets removed by Javascript minification includes new line characters, comments, extra white space etc. It would not be wrong to say that anything which can be eliminated without affecting the functionality of the Javascript is removed via this process.

Benefits Of Javascript Minification

The major purpose of Javascript minification is to accelerate the transfer or downloading of the Javascript code from the server which is hosting the website’s Javascript. How minification helps downloads move faster is because it decreases the amount of data (in the newly created minified Javascript file) which is required to be downloaded. Small amount of data implies that the user’s browser now needs to spend relatively less time in processing that data, which leads to time saving. Hence, we can say that this process of minification is performed on Javascript source code since it leads to an improvement in the performance of the Javascript code – and it also makes possible for the websites to load quickly.

To sum up, a few benefits of Javascript minification are given below:

  • If you own a website, your users will now have shorter download times for your webpages since you now possess a small amount of data in your Javascript files that required to be downloaded.
  • Furthermore, in case you run your own website, your website will have comparatively lesser bandwidth consumption. This implies that you will save money and your servers will utilize less energy.


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