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What Is Method Chaining In Javascript?

Method chaining is a technique used in JavaScript for ‘chaining’ together several method calls. The technique makes it easy to call several methods that are based on the same selection. More simply, if you have wish to use the return of one method to invoke another method, you don’t need to write several lines of code, instead one simple method chain call will do this for you. It is extensively used in JavaScript.

How Is It Done?

The process of method chaining can be continued infinitely where one method call is used to call another method and so on until required. This forms a ‘chain’ of method calls that we effectively know as method chaining.

Below is an example of how method chaining is done:

$(‘#b1’).text(“Testing Chaining!”).css(‘color’, ‘yellow’);

In the example above, the element ‘b1’ will be first accessed using the text method and the text in ‘b1’ will be changed to “Testing Chaining!” This method returns the object ‘b1’, after this, the color method will be called using the new text value in ‘b1’ and its color will be changed to yellow.

Return Values:

In method chaining, it is important to keep track of how the method calls are being handled. As with the example above, there will be a return value from the previous method that will be used to call the next method. Therefore, if you create a method that does not have a return value and you use it in method chaining, this will create an error. To avoid this, always make your method return this before using it in method chaining so that the program knows which class’ method is being accessed next. Another important thing to note is that in method chaining, the methods are always required to return an object.

Benefits Of Method Chaining:

The benefit of using method chaining is that it improves the readability and clarity of your code. It also prevents the execution of the same selection in several method calls and hence, improves performance.

Method chaining is a widely popular technique in JavaScript that enables several method calls to be chained together. It makes the code more efficient, reliable, and readable. However, there are specific rules that need to be followed to ensure that method chaining is done correctly.

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