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What Is The Difference Between Minification And Obfuscation?

If you use Javascript frequently then you must be familiar with two very widely used terms, and they are minification and obfuscation. However, it is necessary to learn the efficinet use of these terminologies and their differences as well. 

What Is The Use Of Minification?

The purpose of using minifcation is to improve the performance. It is a kind of process which modifies the Javascript files using a minifier program. The program is good for removing the unwanted characters which are accumulated in the file. This removal of the file process makes the file very light because the updated file will contain very few characters. This will help the browsers to download the file and process in an efficient manner.

What Is The Use Of Obfuscation?

The main purpose of obfuscation is to hide the source code of the file from other people. However, in this process also the files are modified but here they are modified for a reason. In the obfuscation process, a file is modified to so that it becomes easy to read, decode and understand by other users. It’s essential so that not everyone can reverse the source code to make use of it for their work. Even if someone is able to reverse the obfuscated file to get to the original source code, the obfuscation process will still slow down the process a bit. Just remember that the browsers have to translate the obfuscated file source code to reveal the original form of the Javascript so that it becomes easy to understand. And if any browser can get it done, then it is not far from an individual to do it by applying some extra effort.

Minification vs Obfuscation

So now that it is obvious that both minification and obfuscation modify the source code of the Javascrip but they both have very different purposes and usage.

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